Vanderlei Alves


Vanderlei Alves was appointed Associate Principal Clarinet of the Goiânia Symphony Orchestra in 2015 at the age of 19. He previously served as Principal Clarinet of Goiás Chamber Orchestra, Principal clarinet of the UFG Contemporary Music Ensemble and Principal Clarinet of Goias State Wind Ensemble. Mr. Alves is a founding member of the Goyania Woodwind Quintet.

As an active chamber musician, Vanderlei has performed in several editions of the most prestigious music festival in Latin America - Campos do Jordao Winter Festival and others such as Brasília International music festival, Belskis Mendoça International music festival and Trancoso Music festival where he appeared as a soloist of the 2018 and 2019 editions playing with string members of the Berlin Philharmonic and Munich Philharmonic.

As an educator Vanderlei in 2019 was appointed assistant professor at Federal Institute of Arts, Science and Technology of Goiás, where he taught clarinet and chamber music. He is the author of the book "Performance: learning an art" published by Appris publisher, one of the largest publishers in Brazil that has the highest concept for research at CAPES/Fulbright. He holds the Artist Diploma with the legendary clarinetist Michele Zukovsky.

Vanderlei has performed with several American orchestras, especially with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Las Vegas Philharmonic. He is a Silverstein and Gleichweit Artist.

Live performance with the Goiânia Symphony String Quartet - J Brahms Quintet Op. 115.



"Music is not an inspiration, but a lifestyle."

Vanderlei was appointed assistant professor at Federal Institute of Arts, Science and Technology of Goiás in 2019 where he taught clarinet performance and chamber music. In addition to teaching the Western Music History. He has professional experience with chamber music and orchestral music for almost a decade where he has shared this contentment in the academic environment. His research area is the psychology of music, where he has frequently published articles.

He recently published a book entitled "Performance: Learning an Art". A book where he addresses how memory, motivation and deliberate practice can be effective in reaching an elite level in music, sports and other areas.

Vanderlei has played and been invited to teach in masterclasses in several continents such as North America, Latin America and Europe.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in clarinet performance from Federal University of Goias under Dr. Johnson Machado. He holds a Master’s Degree in higher education teaching from FABEC (Brazilian Faculty of Education and Culture). As an educator, even before becoming a university professor he worked teaching the clarinet at the Teresina Music Conservatory and Goias State Conservatory sponsored by the education department of the state of Goias.

Boris Allakhverdyan Principal clarinet of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

"Vanderlei is an excellent clarinetist with great technique, a gorgeous sound, and an exceptionally disciplined approach to practicing. Vanderlei is one of the most focused and driven young artists I have ever known."

Michele Zukovsky Former principal clarinet, Los Angeles Philarmonic

"Vanderlei Alves is a phenomenal clarinetist. He has been given the gift of a gorgeous tone, great technique and the ability to inspire and uplift his audience. I see a wonderful future for this young man."

Lorenz Nasturica-Herschcovici Concertmaster Munich Philharmonic

"You sound is absolutely gorgeous. It was a great pleasure work with you.. you’re very professional"

Jamson Costa Former Principal Clarinet, Goiania Symphony

"Vanderlei is among the most talented in this new generation of the clarinet player in the whole world, as well as being a very kind person."

Roberto Tibiriçá Brazilian conductor

"I am very impressed with your Brahms! Your sound is very beautiful and your phrasing is extremely musical!""

T.C. Spivey-Hall Founder & Executive Director of the Neo International Clarinetists Endowment Fund

"Vanderlei is the real thing in living color. I find myself astounded by his signature style of Clarinet performance that exudes unspeakable passion each, and every single time. His tone is fluid as silk in the wind, and his articulation is consistent & clear as the Bells of Notre Dame. Vanderlei, is a tour de force personified."

Marconi Andrade Brazilian Clarinetist

"He is an incredible colleague playing in a orchestra and musician capable of facing great orchestral challenges. Besides shows a strong performance condition as soloist. A really sensible artist."

Adrienne Albert American Composer

"Vanderlei is a marvelous musician and a pleasure to work with. He explores the universe of colors making his tone of the clarinet unique."

Claude Brendel French Conductor, Artistic Director Claude Brendel Academy, Conducting Professor at the Vienna Conservatory"

"Great artistic and human personality. Generous, enthusiastic and talented. Vanderlei shows through his musical interpretations of an extreme sensitivity which reveals all the facets of his personality. He offers us an instrumental playing with rich colors, revealing contrasts and endlessly explored atmospheres, a real invitation to travel and to the imagination."

Live performance Menotti, Gian Carlo - Trio, Clarinet Cadenza.